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Jenny Lassi

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ASAE Lunch Learning Webinar: Email Trends: What’s in Style for 2017

Clothes go out of style. Haircuts & facial hair go out of style. Shoes go out of style. Style is everything and especially in digital. Think about it—fonts, images, website layout—they all have a style that tells the user whether your organization...

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HighRoad U Webinar:  Election & Holiday Email Extravaganza

Q4 is notoriously the most difficult quarter for association marketers to reach their constituents as there is always more inbox competition. The deliverability experts at HighRoad Solution are on top of association benchmark metrics with strategies...

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Summer Meltdown: What to Do When Your Members are on Vacation

Do you adjust your email calendar for seasonality or do you continue to bomb away with the hopes that people don't take summer vacation and are anxiously awaiting your email? Join this session if you know that email opens are lower during the...

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Success Story: Canadian Society of CPA's

How do you best serve a bilingual membership that spans a professional lifecycle from student to retirement? You create a spectacular automated, hyper-personalized newsletter that can take the heavy lifting off the staff and leverage previous...

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Love Component Communications: Why NFIB Loves Its State Newsletters

You have one newsletter and 50 slightly different, but almost the same versions for each of your chapters. You love the power of email marketing, but not the rigamarole and intensely time-consuming tasks required to perform the various art and...

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Starting Off Fresh: Re-Validating, Re-Permissioning & Rejuvenating Your 2015 Email Programs

Many people make New Year's resolutions for their personal health, but what about your email program? It's critical to make a concerted effort each year to go through the process of "out with the old, in with the new" to protect your email...

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Annual Scary Episode on What's Scaring Us for 2016

Email often seems more of a trick than a treat. Mysterious bounces, pixels that suddenly appear and change your formatting, graphics that don't render right are just a few issues that can make your hair stand on end. Join email expert, HighRoad...

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Why Guess When You Can Test? Testing Techniques from the Experts

The fact is that most of us are still sending emails where we're guessing if we are going to be successful. Why guess? Test! Join this webinar as we cover a variety of testing techniques and tools to allow you to know before the email goes whether...

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Whaddup with the Data: Working with Lists, Opt-Outs & Queries

What's truly valuable in today's marketing world? The data. More, more, more! The more data we capture, the more we can understand...and better yet, predict....the behaviors of our target users. If we can understand our users' tastes & preferences...

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