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Jenny Lassi

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The Scary Episode: Top Issues in Email that Freak U Out

Email often seems more of a trick than a treat. Mysterious bounces, pixels that suddenly appear and change your formatting, graphics that don't render right are just a few issues that can make your hair stand on end. Join email expert, HighRoad...

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The New Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL): What U Need to Know

Do you have members in Canada? Do you send email to prospects or even attendees in Canada? If you do, then you'll want to join this webinar to hear about the new anti-spam law that's gone into effect that's known as CASL (pronounced "castle"). This...

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SMACK! Hand to forehead. SMACK! Hand to desk. SMACK! Hand to forehead again. Why isn't Board Member X getting the @$!%?! email??? You are mentally counting 5-4-3-2 and rrrrinnnngg..there it is, your exec asking you why Board Member X is left off the...

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Holiday Inbox Basics

Maybe you aren't quite making a list and checking it twice on the gift front, but you should be when it comes to email marketing. The holidays are coming and you'll want to send out messages of thanks and best wishes to your members. Join this...

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Why Aren't They Registering? Stop Blaming the Email

Email is the #1 method used by associations to introduce, remind and beat prospective attendees over the head with the fact that your event is going to happen and they need to register! Pushing the "send" button on an email that's going to...

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