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Abigail Conlon

Interactive Content: Converting Prospects into Customers

Populations are changing and different generations are now flooding the workforce, causing organizations to design for a different and more active user. Suzanne Carawan articulates this change and the shift in digital in her webinar Using...

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What to Consider in a Marketing Automation Platform

Has your organization considered implementing a marketing automation platform? Are you overwhelmed with options? Check out my recap of Suzanne Carawan’s webinar What to Consider in a Marketing Automation Platform and take your organization’s digital...

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Best Practices: Promoting Online Education & Certification

Does your organization offer online education and certification? Check out this overview of HighRoadU Best Practices: Promoting Online Education & Certification by our Chief Marketing Officer Suzanne Carawan. Suzanne reviews where associations are...

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How to Attract New Customers Using Banner Ads

How does your organization utilize banner ads? Do you use your own banner ad program to generate leads? Many organizations run banner ad programs but have trouble measuring success. Read on to find out why banner ads are an important part of...

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Using eBooks To Generate Leads

Maneesha Manges, Director of Consulting at HighRoad Solution, discusses the importance of gaining new leads through the use of eBooks in her webinar Gaining New Leads Through eBooks. Maneesha highlights why your organization needs new leads, why...

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