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Innovating Membership: Grow or Go

Content Leader Felicia Washington Battle

May 17, 2016 6:16:53 PM

We've been doing retention marketing a long time and gotten savvier on using digital to communicate effectively. However, now that we're facing generational shifts, the need to recruit individuals who are super digital savvy and in a world that moves round the clock, are we ready? Join this session to discuss what needs to happen to innovate your membership and allow it to grow. Where do we get new people? What attracts them? Do we keep telling them that discounts are a member benefit? How and when do we communicate? Do we keep buying lists and emailing in hopes of converting readers to members and attendees?  Felisha Battle, formerly of the National PTA, will discuss membership and the future of associations' role in attracting, converting and delighting individuals from a brand strategy perspective. Learn how her work in membership has led to radical shifts in thinking, begs the need for process changes and the need to speed the whole engine up.


  • Original Program Date: November 13, 2014
  • Duration: 1 hour